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The BIM process


We scan the physical location with our advanced laser scanners. Depending on the required accuracy, different types of scanners are used that collect millions of points in space and form an accurate point cloud. This point cloud captures every detail of the existing structure, from large architectural elements to small installations.

Processing of data

When the scan is complete, the data is transferred to a computer where it is processed. During this process, the point cloud is converted into a more manageable and understandable form. Our software is used to clean up the data, remove redundant points and correct any errors.


After processing, the process begins to transform the cleaned point cloud into a detailed 3D model. This is done using BIM software, such as Autodesk Revit or similar. During this phase, additional details such as textures and materials can be added to make the model as realistic as possible.

Integration with BIM platform

When the model is fully integrated into BIM, it can be used for various purposes, such as identifying potential problems in a design, to plan renovations or to maintain the building. The BIM model provides in-depth insight that can be used to make informed decisions throughout the building's lifecycle.

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